Bid Status

ETP Areas 15-26 UpgradesF10730$25.7MSubmitted
North Yarra Main Relining Upper SectionY10234$11.34MWon
WTP 55E Pond 1 MLC RenewalF10427$15.7MSubmitted
Tarago Fluoride Plant Upgrade ECIY10209$133KSubmitted
Refurb of Werribee Hanger 1Y05707$23MWorking

Project Delivery Update

M76 Water Main Renewal ~ Q02707
  • Mobilisation planning ongoing for early works.
  • Service locating on Fleet Street commenced and moving to High Street.
  • Cricket Oval work still on schedule for October.
  • Sheds due to be landed mid-September.

Essex Main Drain Renewal ~ Y10314
  • 80% design nearing completion.
  • Constructability review booked in.

Maribyrnong Main Sewer Augmentation ~ P31258
  • Launch Shaft depth: 39.5m.
    • Tunnel floor has been poured. Alimak installation underway followed by FRP of thrust wall and tunnel eye. Scheduled TBM launch for mid to late September
  • Riverside:
    • Direction Notice #1 – Site has been demobilised awaiting further notice.
    • Direction Notice #2: Siphon options assessment underway.
Yan Yean WTP Upgrade~ Q04385
  • Wet commissioning and process commissioning commenced with introduction of raw water.
Yan Yean Pump Station ~ Q05322
  • Structural steel installation commenced.
  • M190 tie-in works commenced 29 August.
  • Delivery of long lead items in progress (transformers, HV switchboards etc).
Yan Yean Bald Hill Pipeline ~ Q05333
  • Site compound fully operational and team mobilised.
  • Deliveries of 900 bends and pits commenced.
  • Water tanks delivered.
  • Haul Rd constructed to Merri Creek.
  • Aqua DC started laying pipe and are going quite slow, 1 pipe per day instead of 3.
  • Winslow mobilised and stringing pipe.
Hoppers Crossing Pump Station 66kV ~ F10428
  • Progress
    • Powercor have provided their interface scope documentation. Secondary design documentation from SFP to has been issued for Powercor’s review.
    • Geotech and surveying team has been organised to attend site in September.
    • Fire system valve isolation testing has been organised for September to determine if the domestic water system and fire system are segregated.
    • Melbourne Water have requested for re-running of the Power Reliability study to now cater for increased flow rates. The team is currently assessing the request.
    • Secondary 80% Design Package Update has been issued to Melbourne Water for review.
  • Change events
    • CE01 – Q03109 Power Reliability Main Scope.
    • Memo from Melbourne Water has been received to start design activities.
    • Melbourne Water is awaiting for SFP to submit a solution and price to address the fire system scope (below) before submitting and approving the BCA.
    • Fire System upgrade scope is under review by SFP. Surveying of the existing installation will be completed and assessed before finalising costs of upgrading the fire system. 
  • Risks:
    • Power Reliability (Q03109) – Upgrade to Fire System is currently under review by SFP and will be submitted as a separate price to Melbourne Water.
    • Long lead items procurement – ongoing supply chain issues.
    • Powercor has indicated it will upgrade its disconnector to a new RDB with integrated Earth Switch. As the Powercor team is currently at the preliminary stages of developing the scope for this upgrade, the full impact on the SFP project is still yet to be finalised.
WTP 25W Lagoon Pond 1 HV and LV Renewals ~ F10461
  • Design
    • LV and HV Control Narrative – Melbourne Water comments received. The documents will be finalised after all SAT/FAT, testing and commissioning have been completed for the new assets.
    • HV Protection Report – Melbourne Water comments received. The document will be finalised after all SAT/FAT, testing and commissioning have been completed for the new assets.
    • HV Arc Flash Report – Arc fault containment within LV switchboard being clarified with Melbourne Water. Proposed solution to reduce arc flash rating approved by MW, document updated accordingly.
    • HV MOSAIC List – Updated list sent for implementation.
    • HV Kiosks – IFC Drawings – MW comments received, being actioned.
  • Procurement
    • MLCs – All MLCs have been delivered.
    • RMU – Delivered.
    • HV Kiosks – Eaton has advised Trivantage the RMUs will be delayed by another 12 weeks. Stage 1 completion date has been moved to 19th March 2024. Further details in Risk Section.
    • All HV, LV and FO cables have been delivered.
  • Construction
    • Civil
      • Excavation and backfill works for 48ZCB MLC cut-over.
      • Pit installation and backfill for 48ZCB MLC cut-over.
      • Extend conduit to paddock and excavate HV cable joint hole.
    • Electrical
      • Pre-commissioning and testing new RMU.
      • FO cable splicing for 48ZCB MLC cut-over.
      • Testing and Commissioning
      • 48ZCB cut-over works.
      • South bank MLCs HAZID and Minor Defects Register submitted via Asite.
  • Current issue:
    • Eaton has advised Trivantage the 6 x RMUs for the HV Kiosks are delayed by another 12 weeks. SFP JV has submitted an Early Warning Notice to MW. Program Stage 1 date shifted to 19th March 2024. PM has sent EOT to client. Update (28/08): 4 units delivered, being inspected by Trivantage. Delivery date for the remaining 2 units TBA.
ETP HV-62A Switchboard & VH-LV Renewals ~ Y10307 (Q05103)
  • Completed replacement of oil in 54HM1 and 54HM2.
  • Continued installation of 62M switchboard including cable installation.
  • Continued redundant cable removal.
  • Future Works
    • Continue redundant cable removal.
    • Continue installation of 62M switchboard.
ETP Waste Activated Sludge ~ Q05102
  • TWAS Pump 11 overhauled 22 August Pump investigations ongoing.
  • Control narrative updated for global PLC defects. Implementation in progress.
ETP Recuperative Thickener ~ Q05772
  • Risk assessment workshop conducted 18 August for usage of commissioning tank.
  • Alternative PoPT criteria defined for Melbourne Water.
  • Commissioning report and handover documentation compilation in progress.
Gardiners Creek Sewer Rehabilitation ~ Y10248
  • Stage 1 issued.
  • Stage 2 outstanding recent invoice issued for additional costs on as built design.
Holden Reservoir M486 Inlet Pipeline SP1 & SP2~ Q03295
  • Stage 1 certificate received 8 April, 2022.
  • Awaiting Melbourne Water to provide data for Stage 2 and 3.