Bid Status

North Yarra Main Relining Upper SectionY10234$12MWorking
Essex Street Main Drain RenewalY10314$4.9MSubmitted
M76 Pipeline RenewalQ02707$21.4MSubmitted
Hoppers Crossing Power Reliability System UpgradeQ03109$3MWon

Project Delivery Update

Holden Reservoir M486 Inlet Pipeline SP1 & SP2~ Q03295
  • Stage 1 certificate received 8 April, 2022.
  • Awaiting Melbourne Water to provide data for Stage 2 and 3.
Yan Yean WTP Upgrade~ Q04385
  • Continue mechanical and electrical fit-out.
  • Commissioning Plan submitted to Melbourne Water 27 February.
Yan Yean Pump Station ~ Q05322
  • Removal of vegetation completed.
  • Relocation of services commenced.
  • Bulk earthworks pre-mobilisation works in progress for mobilisation in March.
Yan Yean Bald Hill Pipeline ~ Q05333
  • CHMP east completed planning permit conditions actioned awaiting approval from council.
  • CHMP West resubmitted with likely approval late March/April.
  • Delay still ongoing – need to escalate regarding impacts of delay.
  • Need to escalated scope growth/change events as a result of CHMP and planning permit conditions.
  • Audit completed some minor actions and administrative actions to close out.
    ETP HV-62A Switchboard & VH-LV Renewals ~ Y10307 (Q05103)
    • Continued removal of redundant 6.6kV 32H cable.
    • Continued removal of OSS T1 and T2 heat exchangers including associated pipe work.
    • Completed cutover works for 6.6kV G2 feeder from 62H to new 62HA.
    • Completed removal of equipment OSS T1 vault.
    ETP Recuperative Thickener ~ Q05772
    • First 14 day Proof of Performance test (reliability) completed. Performance of system is within functional requirements. Second 14 day test to commence 13 March.
    ETP Waste Activated Sludge ~ Q05102
    • PoPT for Tanks 8,11 & 12 completed 23 February and endorsed by Melbourne Water.
    • Completing Commissioning Report for finalization
    • DAF 7 fitout ongoing.
    WTP 25W Lagoon Pond 1 HV and LV Renewals ~ F10461
    • RMU – Updated drawings submitted for Melbourne Water review.
    • HV and LV Control Narrative – being updated based on CHAZOP.
    • Commissioning Plan – Workshop with Melbourne Water held.
    • HV Kiosks 80% design – Melbourne Water comments received, being actioned.
    • HV Interlocking Drawings – Updated drawings submitted for Melbourne Water review.
    • HV/LV Protection Report – Melbourne Water comments received, being actioned.
    • RMU Control Panel – GA Drawings completed; schematics being finalised.
    • Control Philosophy – Updated document submitted for Melbourne Water review.
    Gardiners Creek Sewer Rehabilitation ~ Y10248
    • Stage 1 being requested.
    • Final agreement on payment of works to complete the project has been finalised.

    Maribyrnong Main Sewer Augmentation ~ P31258
    • Shaft depth remains at 31.7m
    • Spile bars installed around shaft perimeter. Works continuing to stabilise the Brighton Group sands at base of shaft.
    • Churchill Drain crossing underway. Vegetation stripping commenced. Receival shaft ring beam poured in advance of shaft excavation.
    • Bridge package RFA underway.
    • Piling RFQ issued, RFA O/L: Late March.

    Hoppers Crossing Pump Station 66kV ~ F10428
    • Detailed design for the 80% design package is underway. Primary & Secondary drawings have been issued internally for review.
    • Contract with Dynamic Ratings for the Condition Monitoring System package has been executed. A kick-off meeting has been held.
    • Q03109 Power Reliability – early works of this scope is underway. Load study and HV Circuit Breaker specification has been issued to MW. First revision of the concept designs have been issued by PSD for review.
    • Pricing is underway.