Bid Status

Essex Street Main Drain RenewalY10314$4.9MSubmitted
M76 Pipeline RenewalQ02707$21.7MSubmitted
Hoppers Crossing Power Reliability System UpgradeQ03109$3MWon

Project Delivery Update

Holden Reservoir M486 Inlet Pipeline SP1 & SP2~ Q03295
  • Stage 1 certificate received 8 April, 2022.
  • Awaiting Melbourne Water to provide data for Stage 2 and 3.
Yan Yean WTP Upgrade~ Q04385
  • Continue mechanical and electrical fit-out.
Yan Yean Pump Station ~ Q05322
  • Commenced tree removal 30 January.
  • Planning in progress for bulk earthworks commenced on site.
Yan Yean Bald Hill Pipeline ~ Q05333
  • CHMP east completed planning permit conditions received and being responded to final planning permit should be received from Whittlesea late February.
  • CHMP West resubmitted with likely approval late February.
  • Delay still ongoing.
  • TCC review completed some minor updates undertaken and submitted with an Audit booked in for February.
ETP HV-62A Switchboard & VH-LV Renewals ~ Y10307 (Q05103)
  • Achieved successful plant wide shutdown for switchboard cutover.
  • Continued civil works for 62M transformers.
  • Removed redundant equipment for OSS T1 Vault.
  • Completed HV cable termination at 84EH.
  • Continued new T2 pre commissioning.
  • Completed punch list items in 62HA.
ETP Recuperative Thickener ~ Q05772
  • Proof of Performance test commenced 31 January
ETP Waste Activated Sludge ~ Q05102
  • Tanks 8,11 and 12 first 14 day Proof of Performance Test commenced 13 January. Will prepare for second test commencing February.
  • Fabrication of modified beach plate in process for DAF 1.
  • DAF 7 entry halted due to chains being misaligned. Team working with Melbourne Water to assist with re-initiating access for works to continue. WAS header removal works in progress.
WTP 25W Lagoon Pond 1 HV and LV Renewals ~ F10461
  • Install steelwork, formwork and pour stage 1 concrete at 48ZAB and 48ZCA MLC locations. Green cut concrete at 48ZAB and 48ZCA MLC locations.
  • Remove formwork from aerator stands along North Rd.
  • Install temporary generator connections at 48ZFA and 48ZFB MLCs.
  • Rope conduits along South Rd.
Gardiners Creek Sewer Rehabilitation ~ Y10248
  • Kick off meeting for legacy Art/Community project being undertaken in January.
  • Minor omissions being completed.
  • As Built drawings first draft completed being reviewed.

Maribyrnong Main Sewer Augmentation ~ P31258
  • Shaft depth 31.7m.
  • Shaft excavation is approx. 500mm above the Brighton Group sands and is below Ground Water level. Pressure Grouting underway to stabilise Brighton Group and facilitate installation of Spile Bars.
  • Medway bulk earthworks to support receival shaft complete, continue with Churchill Drain crossing. Vegetation stripping pending Planning Permit Endorsement (MW resp).
  • RFQ response for Bridge package due mid February.

Hoppers Crossing Pump Station 66kV ~ F10428
  • Detailed design for the 80% design package is underway.
  • The second day of the Risk Assessment / CHAZOP workshop for the OIU & PLC design was held on 18/01/2023. A third day for the workshop will be required to complete the outstanding nodes; scheduled for the 15 February.
  • Tender packages currently under evaluation:
    • Siemens HV CB for Switchboard
  • Tender packages currently under negotiation:
    • Dynamic Ratings (condition monitoring system package).
  • Early works generator scope is underway. Load study and HV Circuit Breaker specification has been issued to Melbourne Water. Currently working on GA designs.