Bid Status

Hoppers Crossing Pump Station 66kVF10428$3.5MWorking
Yan Yean Pump StationQ05322$23.9MSubmitted
Winneke Treatment Plant – UV Disinfection SystemQ03309$44.3M Lost
Yan Yean Bald Hill PipelineQ05333$45.6M Submitted

Project Delivery Update

Hawthorn Main Sewer Rehabilitation~ P33546
  • Stage 2 Certificate Issued.

Holden Reservoir M486 Inlet Pipeline SP1 & SP2~ Q03295
  • PC stage 1 requested, awaiting Melbourne Water’s response.
  • In process of finalising drawings and completing some outstanding defects.
REFCL Tranche 2 Electrical Compliance B Thompson Hydro ~ Y10219
  • Stage 2 completion date achieved on 16 July.
  • Separable Portion 3 issued at start of October.

Yan Yean WTP Upgrade~ Q04385
  • Civil works – FSA unloading bay and building roofing completed. TWPS plinth and wall modifications complete. Alum unloading bund completed. Backwash tanks screed 50% complete. Lime building modifications in progress
  • E&IC – preparation works for TWS cutover
  • Underground pipework – commence installation of TW scour line
  • Mechanical – installation of delay tank stairs. Continue mechanical fit-out alum/poly dosing system.
  • CHAZOP 3 completed
  • Design commenced for CE04 activities 
Lillydale Lake Wetland Rectification
Approved ~ Y10192
  • Stage 1 certificate received
  • Awaiting as built Drawings from AMES

Winneke Main Sub Station Switchboard Replacement ~ D10103
  • All the design deliverables have been finalised and the long lead time materials have been procured.
  • CE0001 – Solar Works Change Event – ABB provided Primary drawings for comments. ABB to send schematic drawing for review.
    • New 11kV BUS B installation complete. Cable hauling of  11kV cables from transformer 14TF02 to 11kV BUS B switchboard complete, along with HV cable jointing and termination. In progress of secondary testing and protection relays programming. 
    • Civil works in progress for arc vent cut outs for 11kV switchboard, along with installation of landings and handrails. Completed painting of the switch room. In progress of fire system install (Blufire system) works.
    • CCTV cameras and security system (Royal Eagle Security Systems) installation works have been completed

Youell Street Sewer Renewals ~ Q07136
  • Stage 2 certificate awaiting finalisation of additional drawings requested by MW.
  • MW to back date Certificate for Stage 2.

ETP HV-62A Switchboard & VH-LV Renewals ~ Y10307 (Q05103)
  • Project is progressing well. Major milestones completed this month, handover of the building and delivery of the SB.
  • Tx bay fencing and earthing
  • Fire wall flashings
  • Cable tray installation LV/HV rooms
  • Switch board installation ongoing
  • Surrounding ground reinstatement
  • Fire system wiring in tunnels commencement

ETP Recuperative Thickener IPPN
Approved ~ Q05772
  • AMES – completing demobilisation/remediation of Northern SDP pipework
  • Chadoak – 1W tie-in completed and backfilled
  • Tankweld/AMES – finalizing fit-out in RT building and gallery 52 and 53 pipework. Leak testing commenced
  • ADX Electrical – continue installation of cables, terminations in LV building, RT building and Polymer building. Energized 24VDC circuits for testing
  • CLQA – carbon and CIF media loaded. CLQA demobilized
  • Electro80 – software FAT complete
  • SFPJV – re-planning of HV cable pull to address higher pulling tension than originally planned
  • Bluefire and Royal Eagle – on site installation
ETP Waste Activated Sludge ~ Q05102
  • Concrete repairs 95% complete in tanks 8, 11 and 12
  • Continue delivery of equipment on site
  • CHAZOP completed
  • Naji Omar (Project Manager) commenced 8 November

WTP Electrical Reliability Additional Works ~ F10133
  • Design:
    • IFC – Design completed
    • Construction
    • Schneider LLI works started.
    • 55E Lagoon construction works completed. Live line indicators and earth switch indication at 43XA01 kiosk pending
  • Procurement:
    • Eaton – 3 x RMU’s: received
    • LLIs: ABB (x 21): installation to begin in February.

WTP 25W Lagoon Pond 1 HV and LV Renewals ~ F10461
  • Design:
    • Downer has been engaged as the HV Design Subconsultant (through Stantec)
    • 30% Civil Drawing package has been submitted to Melbourne Water for review. Currently working on Civil 80% design package
    • Received comments from Melbourne Water for 30% HV design packages and HV kiosk IFT package
  • Procurement:
    • Quotes received for MLC package. Currently the evaluation is in progress. High level review indicated that there is a cost overrun associated with this package
Gardiners Creek Sewer Rehabilitation ~ Y10248
  • Site works commenced with manhole inspections
  • Lease terms and conditions agreed, looking to move in pre Christmas
  • Mandate and Board to be finalised
  • Material orders placed (spiralline)

Maribyrnong Main Sewer Augmentation ~ P31258
  • Shaft design at 90% complete, awaiting final reviews
    • Access to DOT site granted and hoarding to be installed in December
    • Background noise modelling completed
    • WBS finalised
    • Bridge subcontractors short listed

Interlocking Safety Upgrades for HV Water Sites ~ Y10260
  • Design:
    • IFR design in progress for all 4 sites
    • Stantec engaged Downer EDI for design
    • Completed site visits to verify current mechanical interlocking schemes
  • Procurement:
    • Schneider Electric (SE) attended site visits to verify their prelim offer, this will be finalised after providing SE with IFC design
  • Finance:
    • Project in progress of setting up in PMR