Bid Status

Mt Evelyn WTP (aka Silvan DRP)F10270$12M+Working
Hoppers Crossing Power Reliability System UpgradeQ03109$3MWorking

Project Delivery Update

Holden Reservoir M486 Inlet Pipeline SP1 & SP2~ Q03295
  • Stage 1 certificate received 8 April.
Yan Yean WTP Upgrade~ Q04385
  • FRP of delay tank walls and penetrations in preparation for concrete pour on 5 August.
  • FRP for FSA waste tank infrastructure and modifications of risers to TWPS above ground pipework.
  • Mechanical installation continue in TWPS, Hypo Building and Backwash PS.
  • Electrical installation continue with chemical switch-room fit-out and MCC switch-room.
  • Continue painting of wastewater equalisation Tank.
  • Commence demolition of existing hypo building in preparation for relocation of site shed infrastructure.
Yan Yean Pump Station ~ Q05322
  • Day 1 readiness in progress.
  • Demolition of existing hypo building and relocation of crib facilities.
  • Review of revised suction pipeline alignment inside YYWTP.
  • Technical memo for pump selection completed. Procurement of pumps in progress.
  • RFQs obtained for electrical equipment. Assessment in progress.
Yan Yean Bald Hill Pipeline ~ Q05333
  • The project has onboarded a new junior project controller.
  • IFC drawings progressing and the corrosion control design and construct package has been returned to review with Melbourne Water.
  • Commencing the development of welding procedures and QA documentation.
Winneke Main Sub Station Switchboard Replacement ~ D10103
  • RMU package – RMU141 and RMU143 are delivered and positioned. Cable termination in progress.
  • PLC package – delivered to site
  • HV Cables – delivered to site.
  • FO Cables – delivered to site.
  • Civil works – 90% completed.
  • Electrical installation works are in progress.
ETP HV-62A Switchboard & VH-LV Renewals ~ Y10307 (Q05103)
  • PFC area hand over.
  • Internal doors installed; fire rated enclose under construction.
  • T1 door way frame installedT1 vault, redundant fire suppression system pipe work removed from ceiling.
  • Continued installing cables to remote ends of plant.
  • Continued HV cable termination on new #2 transformer.
  • Started decommissioning works on the OPS emergency generator.
  • Continued testing in 62HA.
  • Completed fibre splicing in 62HA and 62H.
  • Completed hole coring in 62H.
  • Continued with door modifications between 62H and 62HB.
  • PSD engaged for PFC controller logic.
ETP Recuperative Thickener ~ Q05772
  • Continue process commissioning.
  • Pan pre-thickening change event submitted 3 August.
ETP Waste Activated Sludge ~ Q05102
  • Completion of DAF Tanks 8,11 12 on 4 August, with removal of scissor lifts.
  • Flange management in gallery pipework.
  • Terminations of equipment and instruments in progress.
WTP Electrical Reliability Additional Works ~ F10133
  • Design
    • IFC – design completed.
    • CE – the revised protection study completed.
    • Schneider LLI works scheduled for January 2022 finished. The last set of LLIs initially scheduled for April 2022 postponed until protection study is completed.
    • ABB LLI works completed. 25W Blower Building SCADA works are in progress – 90% completed. The remaining works can’t be completed until a separate CE is approved by Melbourne Water.
    • A CE has been submitted to Melbourne Water to claim additional cost and EOT resulted from protection setting upgrade works. The revised PC1 date is in November 2022
    • An early warning letter has been submitted regarding the protection study. The planned activities can’t be completed until the protection study is approved.

WTP 25W Lagoon Pond 1 HV and LV Renewals ~ F10461
  • Design
    • Civil Design – IFC drawings updated based on the construction crew comments.
    • MLCs – 100% design submitted for review.
    • Control Philosophy – Melbourne Water comments received, IFC design in progress.
  • Procurement
    • RMU – ordered, delivery expected mid October.
    • RMU Control Panel – executing contract with Electro80.
    • HV Kiosks – work on 30% design progressing.
    • FO Cable – delivered to Downer Dandenong Depot.
    • HV Cable – ordered, delivery expected mid July.
    • LV Cables – ordered, delivery expected mid August.
  • Construction
    • Civil works progressing (construction zone 6, 7 and 8). Zone 1-5 works completed.
Gardiners Creek Sewer Rehabilitation ~ Y10248
  • Completed a big week with a further 3 liners installed utilising a crew from ACI in Sydney
  • Substation liner now installed, and Monash being installed on weekend of the 6 August.
  • The project now has 2 CIPP liners to install and 7 spiral liners.

Maribyrnong Main Sewer Augmentation ~ P31258
  • Fifth blast completed and works commencing on excavation of the next lowering of the shaft.
  • Shaft now down 10.1m and challenge to maximise blast depth whilst trying to maintain the vibration levels withing the allowable limits. Six working week now in place.
  • Bridge design progressing to allow first pricing of ancillary concrete retaining wall works, but CHMP delays now moving to critical path.

Interlocking Safety Upgrades for HV Water Sites ~ Y10260
  • Contract executed, and locked in dates with Schneider Electric to perform interlock works.
  • Completed Interlocking works at Silvan Mini Hydro and Thomson Hydro. MW Operators were trained on the new key interlocking changes.
  • Schneider Electric advised the Key Exchange Boxes are not ready for Cardinia Pumping station, works have been rescheduled to start of September.
Hoppers Crossing Pump Station 66kV ~ F10428
  • Survey files by Taylors have been submitted.
  • Geotech report by Cardno has been submitted.
  • 30% Design Package has been developed and is currently under internal review.
  • Upcoming Activities
    • 30% Design Package activities: internal review process.
    • Submission to Melbourne Water for review.