In August SFP ran Toolbox Talks across the framework with more of an environmental focus, topics including contaminated fill, sediment control and chemical safety. 

SFP also ran Level 2/3 Heavy Lift Training for 10 of its staff in August. This will equip additional personnel with the skills to review major and critical lift plans.


The rolling 12-month TRIFR rate as well as the TRIFR for this financial year is 0.00.

KPI 2 ~ Safety Culture

SFP completed the first of the ‘NEW’ format Safety Culture Surveys in November 2021. Responses from this survey have resulted in an overall Pro-Gen score of 86%. The latest round of surveys commenced in the last week of May. SFP had 113 participants complete this survey. Analysis indicates an improved result of 89%.

KPI 3 Performance