In January SFP introduced a 10-day toolbox/prestart campaign focused on mental health, mind on the job and critical risk activities.

Furthermore, all team members also completed our annual ‘Our Safety Focus’ campaign for 2023. The subject of the 2023 campaign was ‘It starts with you’.

Sites also had a gradual ramp up following the festive break.


The rolling 12-month TRIFR rate as well as the TRIFR for this financial year is 0.00.

KPI 2 ~ Safety Culture

SFP previously completed Safety Culture Surveys in May 2022. Responses from this survey resulted in an overall Pro-Gen score of 89%. The latest round of surveys commenced in the last week of November. SFP had over 100 participants complete this survey. Analysis indicates a score of 88% has been returned by SFP participants.

KPI 3 Performance