New E-Learning Development

Internal e-learning training is being developed by trialling an online training software package. The training being developed is focusing on SFP ‘permit issuing’ and ‘working in accordance with an issued permit’ and includes an assessment element to ensure understanding. Feedback from key personnel is initially being sort prior to trialling it with operational personnel.

If all goes to plan, the intent is that personnel (both SFP and subcontractors) will be able to complete this in whatever format they like i.e. phone, tablet, laptop.

Snapshot of App Under Development

Safe Work Month

Think Safe
Work Safe
Be Safe

October is National Safe Work Month – a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace. We recognise that now more than ever we need to educate our workforce about the impacts of mental health, how to cope and where to access support.

During October, many staff members attended the following sessions, which were provided to SFP via our Abergeldie arm of the JV.


The The rolling 12-month TRIFR rate is currently 3.49. The TRIFR for this financial year is 0.00.

KPI 2 ~ Safety Culture

SFP achieved a year end Generative Safety Culture Pro-Gen score of 74.15%. No further assessments have been undertaken in FY 2021/22.

KPI 3 Performance

3.1 ~ No ASSF were undertaken in September.

3.3 ~ COVID19 restrictions continue to result in low numbers of walks as SFP is endeavouring to minimise site attendance by personnel where not required for operational purposes.

3.5 ~ Initiatives continue to be raised.

3.2 ~ ASTT’s have currently been placed on hold due to COVID19 impacts. None undertaken as yet in this financial year.

3.4 ~ Reporting continues to take place in a very positive manner.