Following a spate of HiPo’s (high potential incidents) from one of the JV partners in recent months, SFP has mandated that until further notice, all critical risk activities are to verify that critical controls have been implemented via a documented critical control inspection. This requirement has resulted in almost 300 critical control inspections being undertaken across the SFP Program in June. Although no major findings were identified, a number of improvement opportunities were, these have been actioned and, in some instances, shared with others who may also benefit from these findings.

June’s toolbox focuses were on ‘working with electricity/lock out tag out’, sustainability (introduction of the 5th behaviour – think circular), as well as ‘driver safety’. Driver safety was an impromptu toolbox which was delivered following two tragic driving related fatalities which took place in consecutive days within one of the JV partners businesses (outside SFP), one in Western Australia, the other in New Zealand.

SFP also ran an online All Staff Safety Forum/State of Play session and onsite All Staff Toolbox Talks which incorporated the completion of the latest MW Safety Culture Survey.  Over 120 personnel completed the survey for SFP which is our highest participant rate to date.


The rolling 12-month TRIFR rate is 2.57. The TRIFR for this financial year is 3.18.

KPI 2 ~ Safety Culture

SFP previously completed Safety Culture Surveys in May 2022. Responses from this survey resulted in an overall Pro-Gen score of 89%. The latest round of surveys was completed earlier this month (June) with over 120 participants. Results have yet to be released by Melbourne Water.

KPI 3 Performance