In November SFP kicked off its six weeks to Christmas campaign. The first three weeks of this campaign focused on reinforcing the agreed Framework safety behaviours of ‘listening and speaking up’, ‘right tools for the right task’ and ‘plan, discuss, understand and follow’. Toolbox Talks on hand safety and the spread of pathogens were also delivered across the framework. 

SFP also commenced running All Staff Toolbox Talks across the program in the last week of the month crossing into the first week of December. These toolboxes covered off various items including the topic of heat stress, updates on recent adverse safety events, a presentation on ‘My Personal Big 5’ (a concept highlighting that ‘Safety is not about protecting you FROM something, it’s about protecting you FOR something’) as well as completing the Melbourne Water Safety Culture Survey which resulted in over 100 surveys being completed.


The rolling 12-month TRIFR rate as well as the TRIFR for this financial year is 0.00.

KPI 2 ~ Safety Culture

SFP previously completed Safety Culture Surveys in May 2022. Responses from this survey resulted in an overall Pro-Gen score of 89%. The latest round of surveys commenced in the last week of November. SFP had over 100 participants complete this survey. Analysis has yet to be completed.

KPI 3 Performance