New Arrival to SFP Family

Congratulations to Satinder and his wife Kiran on the safe arrival of their daughter Kyra.

Kyra arrived in the early morning hours of 18 May, 12.29am to be exact, weighing 2.7kg. Mother and baby are home and doing well, although now that Satinder is back at work, he’s looking a little bleary eyed!

April Recognition Award – Lindsay Roundhill!

Lindsay was asked to provide a presentation at the recent series of Melbourne Water Framework Safety Forums. These events included over 100 people, including staff from SFP, the client, other businesses in the framework and sub-contractors. Lindsay presented a lessons learned, sharing his extensive knowledge of the plugs and the recent incidents on the Gardener’s Creek project. Lindsay is not known for public speaking but took up the challenge to ensure the details of the incident were shared, taking himself well out of his comfort zone. Well done!

Lindsay engaged his audience with effective communication, whilst reinforcing SFP’s focus on safety, risk mitigation, quality control and overall industry improvement outcomes.

Congratulations Lindsay on a great contribution – enjoy your $150 gift card!

A shout out to the other April nominees:

  • Steve Sullivan
  • Roman Nguyen
  • Mariah Vasiliadis
  • Justin White

Keep up the good work!

The Push Up Challenge

In June, our SFP Team is taking part in The Push-Up Challenge. They are going to help shine the spotlight on the number of lives lost to suicide in 2021 and raise awareness of mental health. Feel free to join them or support a team member who is taking part. Help them push for better mental health.

The Goal3,144 push-ups from 1 to 23 June
(the number of people lost to suicide in 2021.
The TeamSteve Cresp
Angela Amuko
Gerald Batty
Gerwyn Williams
Matt Chable
Mariah Vasiliadis
Roman Nguyen
Matt Borradale
Ahmed Hussein
Fundraising Goal$2,000

What Matt Chable thinks he’s going to look
like at the end of the challenge!!

What Gerwyn Williams thinks he’s going to look like at the end of the challenge! Or is that now?

SFP Active Blood Drive

If you’ve ever thought about giving blood but haven’t gotten around to it, this is your opportunity.

SFP have registered a Lifeblood team, so we can start saving lives together – let’s see how much blood we can donate in 1 week!

Our Blood Drive will run from 12 June through 18 June, you can book into your local centre individually or in groups – all donations will be added to our team total.

How do I participate

You can register via the App or Online:


  1. Register and then log into your online account.
  2. From the top menu select Teams.
  3. Select the “My Teams” dropdown.
  4. In the search box type Safety Focused Performance Joint Venture SFPJV and select.
  5. Then ensure you hit submit to save the changes
  6. Book your appointment or send group details to Office Manager


Via the App

  1. Download the app (search Lifeblood), register and then log in.
  2. Select “account” from the bottom menu.
  3. Select Teams.
  4. In the search box type Safety Focused Performance Joint Venture SFPJV and select.
  5. There is no need to save it will auto save your team.
  6. Book your appointment or send group details to Office Manager

Women in Construction Meeting and ETP Tour

The second 2023 WiC event was held at ETP late in May. The meeting started with a site tour of ETP, Jenneli gave a great tour and explanation of the Recup Sludge Thickening facilities and Christina Griffin and Anthony Scammell took us through WAS and H/LV. This was followed by lunch and a great guest speaker, Samantha Woodword, a Director at NAWIC and the founder of Think Savvy.

Over 20 ladies participated from across the JV, with this meeting’s focus being work life balance – a big thank you to the team out at ETP for making this happen.

Successful Cancer Council Fundraiser

A big thank you to all who donated and those than ran the bbq or morning tea. Our end total was actually almost double this amount, as most of our total was donated on De’Longhi’s Dollar Match Day.

Employee Spotlight – Darren Stone

PositionArea Manager
FamilyMarried with 2 kids, Kade and Charlie
Favourite SportRally Raid Motorsport
Football TeamHawthorn
Messy or OrganisedOrganised mess
Description of Darren
at age 10
Least favourite foodBrussel sprouts
If Darren’s house
was burning down,
he would grab?
Dad’s ute
What movie has
Darren seen the
most times?
The Shawshank Redemption
Something about
Family origins go back to Chief Mannalargenna

Employee Spotlight – Claire Lee

PositionJunior Engineer
Project/LocationNorth Yarra Main
Favourite SportHiking, Jogging
HobbiesWatch movies and dancing
Messy or OrganisedOrganised
Description of Claire
at age 10
Girl who was curious almost everything, like animals
Least favourite foodNothing, I like eating almost everything
If Claire’s house
was burning down,
she would grab?
Computer devices and mobile phone
What movie has
Claire seen the
most times?
SF film
Something about
I love communicating and sharing experiences with other people.