February was a record breaking month, with 12 Reward & Recognition Award nominations, three being for the same nominee, from three different sources. In the end the voting was a dead heat between 2 deserving winners.

Joint February Reward & Recognition Award – Jack Dodds

As a result of lessons learned from YYWTP, Jack drove and implemented the introduction of a “Flange Tag” system for recording and signing off assembly, tightening and inspection before a pipeline is tested or put to use.

Jack showed value added thinking and a commitment to risk reduction.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Joint February Reward & Recognition Award – Lindsay Roundhill

The other winner for February is Lindsay Roundhill for defusing a potentially volatile noise complaint @ 3am in the morning! Lindsay spoke with the resident, calmed her down and helped her contact the Community Engagement team. He then proceeded to toolbox the crew on the following shift to ensure this didn’t happen again. When the Comms team followed up with the resident, they reported much less noise and disturbance.

Lindsay’s quick action and pleasant manner put the resident at ease, de-escalating the situation, which could have resulted in a much more serious complaint to the council or Melbourne Water. This showed relationship management, customer focus and leadership.

Enjoy your $150 gift card Linsday!

Other February Nominees

There were eight other nominations for February – keep up the great work.

Anurit Patwardhan

Concerns were raised by a conservation group that temporary fencing on one of our projects would push kangaroos onto the roadway. Anurit immediately liaised with engineers and the conservation group, resulting in “hop paths” being erected to ensure the kangaroos safe passage through the area.

Aaron Grixti

Aaron was concerned that having two works on a single project at the same time would lead to SIMOPS heightening risk. He asked the PM to determine which of the works was critical in order to reschedule the less critical work.

Jackie Starzer

Jackie has navigated the complicated ICN reporting system, refining the internal reporting, ensuring the integrity of the data.

Ola Oyebade

A short time after starting with the JV, Igor, Ola’s counterpart left, throwing Ola into the deep end. Ola has delivered all programs for tenders and RS06 responses as needed at a very high standard and has been proactive in developing base case programs and actioning tweaks as requested.

Mario Matijevic

The Essex project is in a highly populated area with considerable impact on the residents. Mario has supported the entire team and established a strong connection with the community and businesses to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Haris Naveed

Haris was nomianted for assisting Project Controls with invoices and costing, ensuring the smooth flow of cashflow.

Murray White

Murray has shown commitment to risk elimination on his projects, encouraging and supporting his staff to apply a risk and opportunity approach to all activities.

Tania Conrad

Tania has excellent communication skills, always supports the team and ensures the smooth operation of the project financials.