January Reward & Recognition Award – Maribyrnong Delivery Team

While the Project Manager was on leave, the team was confronted with a major project challenge, with significant pipe delamination – the project came to a standstill.

With most companies closed for the holiday break and long lead times being quoted, the team worked together to convince RPC to mobilise immediately and Defab were engaged to fabricate a steel inner ring in only a few days. There were a myriad of minor issues, but the team responded to them all quickly, calmly and professionally.

An amazing result, with the TBM operational again!

What a credit to all the individuals and to the Team as a whole.

Congratulations to the Maribyrnong Delivery Team on a great contribution to the JV!

Other January Nominees

There were four other nominations for January – keep up the great work.

Tania Conrad

Whilst on leave Tania supported another staff member through the invoice payment system to ensure we didn’t go onto stop credit with a supplier.

Mario Matijevic

Mario stepped up and engaged with a sub contractor bringing an issue to their attention to eliminate a working at heights risk.

Gavin Gormley

There were issues with tunnel preparation, Gavin took responsibility and did everything in his power to fix the issues and ensure tunnel preparation moved forward.

Jody Friend

Jody stepped up to ensure the relvant ITP’s and ITR’s on the SFPJV system were inline with the recently updated Downer Standard versions.

Platform 28


A great night was had by all at the annual End of Year Celebration held on 8 December at Platform 28 in Docklands, with over 80 staff from all projects, partner companies and Melbourne Water in attendance.

The recipients of the October (Phi Nguyen) and November (Nafis Khan & Sam Morris) Reward & Recognition Awards were revealed and the winner of the $500 Nominators Draw was announced (Stuart Gray).

On behalf of SFP, Chris thanked the team for their hard work during 2023, congratulating them on their achievements during a very challenging year and encouraging everyone to stay safe over the coming festive season.

Employee Spotlight – Yash Amberkar

PositionProject Engineer
Project/LocationYan Yean Pump Station
AnimalsNone – terrible with all and any animals
HobbiesCooking, Baking, Painting, Dancing
Messy or OrganisedDepends on the situation
If her house was burning down Yash would grabPhoto suitcase if this was NZ. I don’t have a home here yet, but probably laptop because I just got a new one.
Least favourite foodAnything bland and doesn’t drink tea, coffee or most hot drinks.
Something about Yash that would surprise usShe went skydiving when she was 16 but is now afraid of heights!

Employee Spotlight – Vikki Cabral

PositionHSEQ Advisor
Project/LocationNYM, Yan Yean PS and Yan Yean WTP
Single/AttachedMarried with 3 children, 2 sons (15 & 19) and Daughter (13)
PetsAussie bulldog and 2 cats
Favourite SportNetball and AFL
Football TeamCarlton
HobbiesSocialising, fishing, cars and gardening/plants
Messy or Organised?In between
Vikki at 10 Years OldHappy go lucky, not a care in the world
If her house was burning down Vikki would grabPhone/USB with photos
Least favourite foodMmmm, not much
Movie she’s seen
the most times
Dirty Dancing
Something about Vikki that would surprise usShe owns a classic car and knows bugger all about the mechanics of it, just loves driving it.