July Recognition Award – Aaron Grixti!

Aaron was actually nominated by three different staff members for going above and beyond on the Yan Yean WTP electrical construction commissioning/energisation and specifically the tilt up panel installation for the pumping station building.

Aaron collaborated with the subcontractors and SFP staff, updating SWMS and assisting with risk assessments, ensuring this potentially dangerous process was done in a safe and controlled manner. 

Aaron showed leadership and team building skills, value added thinking, displayed continuous improvement and a commitment to safety.

Congratulations Aaron on a great contribution – enjoy your $150 gift card!

A shout out to the other July nominees:

  • Amanda Zammit
  • Andrew James
  • Jack Dodds
  • Satinder Minhas

Keep up the good work!

Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

Ritu and Pankaj Parashar and their girls took part part in the Running for Premature Babies Kids Fun Run on 20 August to raise funds for life-saving equipment for neonatal units around Australia, giving hundreds of premature babies a better chance of survival.

They would love to have your support, it’s not too late to donate

Gerald Takes Gold in Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu 2023 Australian Championships!

Gerald Batty participated in the 2023 Australian Championships for Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu on 26/27 August – competing in 4 divisions.  He won the black belt masters heavy weight division gold medal, and also made the finals for two open weight (Absolute) black belt categories, finishing with two silver medals.

Gerald felt that overall it was a much better performance than his effort in the same event last year, which ended early with a grade 3 hamstring tear and a 16 week rehabilitation plan! 

Congratulations Gerald!

Employee Spotlight – Virgilio Adriatico

PositionProject Engineer
Project/LocationNorth Yarra Main
FamilyMarried with 2 daughters
Pets2 Cats
Favourite SportBasketball, AFL Football, Rugby
Football TeamCollingwood
HobbiesKids sports (basketball) spending
time with family, movies etc.
Messy or OrganisedOrganised but sometimes messy
Description of Virgilio
at age 10
Young and naive
If Virgilio’s house was burning
down, he would grab?
Personal Laptop (whole bag) – it contains
soft-copies of all important documents,
precious photos and other important
documents to continue progressing forward.
What movie have you seen
the most times?
Something about VirigilioHe’s an open book – what you see is
what you get

Employee Spotlight – Haris Naveed

PositionSite Engineer
Single/AttachedMarried with 2 children
Favourite SportCricket
HobbiesSpending time with his family
Least Favourite FoodOily food
Messy or Organised?Organised
If Haris’ house was burning down, he would save?Important documents
What movie has Haris seen the
most times?
Something about HarisHe’s a good listener and tries his best to help others who are in need.

Employee Spotlight – Mohson Javed (Moh for short)

PositionProject Engineer
FamilySon and 2 daughters
Pets2 Budgies
Favourite SportCricket
HobbiesExploring nature and travelling
Messy or OrganisedOrganised
Description of Moh
at age 10
Extremely passionate to pursue
cricketing career and play at MCG
If Moh’s house was burning
down, he would grab?
Family photos