Newly Weds!

A big congratulations to Louie Naldrett and her new wife Elle who were married at the Panama Dining Room in Fitzroy on Sunday, 31 March.

Many traveled from the UK and various parts of Australia to see them tie the knot and a great time was had by all – particularly their fur baby, Audrey Bobbins!

He’s a Citizen!

Don’t let the accent fool you, Gavin Gormley is now a bonafide Aussie!

Gavin passed his citizenship test and attended his official ceremony on 15 February, 2024.

Congratulations on becoming an Australian Citizen!

WiC Event

On 8 March, International Women’s Day, the Women of SFP from across the three partner companies came together at the North Yarra Main Project to hear guest speaker Jane La Nauze.

Jane is an SFP Board Member and Water Business Leader from our design partner, Stantec. Jane spoke about her career journey and shared her insights on managing your pathway in a male dominated industry.

Joint March Reward & Recognition Award – Korey Nagel & Sam Payne

A jacking pipe failure caused damage to an interjack station. As a result, this interjack station needed to be rebuilt, but the damage had caused compression and distortion (stored energy) to the interjack push ring.

The work crew, led by Corey and Sam, reviewed the task, assessed the hazard and developed a methodology to isolate themselves from the stored energy contained in the interjack push ring.

This was achieved through the use of remotely operated mechanical equipment (hydraulic ram). Works proceeded and the stored energy was released in an isolated and controlled manner.

Great job keeping everybody safe and ensuring nobody was in the area and at risk of the stored energy.

Congratulations on a job well done! Enjoy your $150 gift vouchers.

Other March Nominees

There were eight other nominations for March, with 2 for one person (well done Vikki!) – keep up the great work.

Vikki Cabral

Vikki managed a couple of minor incidents on site, ensuring the correct processes and procedures were followed, ensuring all team members were engaged, resulting in actionable learnings and construction outcomes.

Vikki Cabral

Vikki has been transitioning into the HSEQ team as a long term HSEQ Advisor moves into retirement. Vikki has integrated seamlessly into the team, bringing with her much life experience and some invaluable knowledge of traffic management.

Matt Chable

Going beyond the call of duty (and work hours . . .!) Matt’s leadership has formed a cohesive, productive team enabling them to perform and deliver comprehensive offers to the client, ensuring a constant pipeline of work for the JV.

Anthony Scammell

Anthony has been instrumental in initiating safety talks before starting works, ensuring awareness of risks onsite.

Chris Knight

Seeing an opportunity for a Change Event to undertake a storm water drain replacement rather than relining, Chris worked through the costing, which was similar to the amount of the original project value, which was then submitted and approved by Melbourne Water. Chris’s excellent relationship with the client enabled open discussions to ensure their needs and expectations were met. Great job Chris.

Oren Levy

Paperwork and inductions for a subby who’d been onsite previously were missing, Oren took the situation in hand, ensuring the subby was appropriately re-inducted, had all required permits and was up to date on the scope of works required.

Gustavo Flores

Recently Gustavo has stayed late to complete tasks and has worked hard to build a rapport with the blue collar workforce, great team building Gustavo.