February Recognition Award – Jackie Starzer!

SFP’s compliance with Melbourne Water’s LIDP ICN reporting has not been done consistently and was over due, so the volume of work required to bring this up to date was vast and complicated.

Jackie has shown diligent determination to bring a massive amount of data together, working with staff across all projects to ensure the data collected and reported is consistent and reliable – we can now hold our heads a little higher with Melbourne Water.

Congratulations Jackie on a job well done – Enjoy your $150 gift card!

A shout out to the other March nominees:

  • Danilo Bojanic
  • Ahmed Hussein
  • Mark Brennan (thrice)
  • Paul Cavallo
  • Frankie Bufalino
  • Eric Tann

Keep up the good work!

Employee Spotlight – Oren Levy

PositionHSEQ Advisor
Project/LocationYan Yean Bald Hill
Single/AttachedAttached, with a boy on the way
Favourite SportRugby
Footy TeamSouth Sydney
HobbiesSport, gym, fishing, beach, 4×4
and cooking
Oren at Age 10Blond annoying kid who had way too much energy!
Messy or Organised?Organised

Employee Spotlight – Angela Amuko

PositionCommunity Engagement Advisor
Project/LocationWest Melbourne – M76 & Essex
Family1 Daughter
Favourite SportBasketball
Football TeamEagles & Geelong
Messy or OrganisedOrganised
Description of Angela
at age 10
Free spirited little human
Least favourite foodTinned tuna
If Angela’s house was burning down, she would grab?Her passport
Something about AngelaShe was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya and fully relocated with her small human to Australia in 2021. Angela plays women’s community basketball and enjoys comedy . . . . no one will get out alive, so laugh!