May Recognition Award – Steve Cresp!

Going above and beyond is what Steve has been doing, providing assistance in project management, sustainability and ICN reporting, all outside his standard job description.

Steve has shown remarkable customer focus, ensuring quality reporting and performance. He’s also demonstrated leadership and relationship management, working across multiple teams and external stakeholders. Well done!

Congratulations Steve on a great contribution – enjoy your $150 gift card!

A shout out to the other May nominees:

  • Louie Naldrett
  • Matt Chable
  • Nafis Khan

Keep up the good work!

June Recognition Award – Faiza Nazar & Max Szcsepanski!

Faiza and Max showed initiative and innovation when they took it upon themselves to design and setup a fully functioning solar powered refueling system!

When using the fuel cell to refuel generators and other machinery on site, the team had to park a site vehicle next to the fuel cell, connect the battery from the car to power the fuel cell, then refuel the machinery. Max and Faiza used items they had at home (solar panel, solar battery charger and stainless box to house batteries) and other items left over from previous projects, to setup a solar panel to power the refueling system. Great job guys, this really showed value added thinking!

Faiza and Max will receive a $150 gift card each!

A shout out to the other June nominees:

  • Ahmed Hussein
  • Igor Markovski
  • Valmore Iragorri
  • Mariah Vasiliadis
  • Matthew Lyon
  • Claire Lee
  • Stuart Gray
  • Fleur Bajraszewski

Keep up the good work!

The Push Up Challenge

How many push-ups did they do – 24,119

How much did they raise – a whoping $4,275!

It’s not too late, you can still donate:

What a great team – Congratulations on your achievements and raising awareness of mental health.

  • Steve Cresp
  • Angela Amuko
  • Gerald Batty
  • Gerwyn Williams
  • Matt Chable
  • Mariah Vasiliadis
  • Roman Nguyen
  • Matt Borradale
  • Ahmed Hussein
  • Igor Markovski

SFP Active Blood Drive

A big thank you to those who stepped up to give blood as part of our SFP LifeBlood team. Not all our team members managed to give blood this time, but we still managed, 10 donations, 1 platelets, 2 plasma and 7 whole blood and saved 30 lives.

The next Blood Drive will be in October – so feel welcome to sign on to the team then.

Employee Spotlight – Gerwyn Williams

PositionSenior Project Engineer
Project/LocationYan Yean Bald Hill
PetsShared house has a dog, Leo, who is treated
like royalty
HobbiesVarious; running, cycling, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, back packing, travelling, climbing, hiking, meditating, reading and listening to audio books. The list can go on.

Current crazes at the minute; Multi-day hikes, camping, local live music and mixed social netball.
Gerwyn at Age 10A slightly annoying, curly headed, smiley kid constantly covered in mud.
Messy or Organised?15% Messy, 85% Organised
If Gerwyn’s house was burning down, he would save?The box of photographs in the bottom of the wardrobe.
What movie has Gerwyn seen the
most times?
Moana. I have nieces and nephews who insist on constantly watching it when I visit the family back home in the UK.
Something about Gerwyn that would surprise usI used to have a skydiving licence and have jumped 48 times, solo.
Any random facts about GerwynI have come up with a simple quip that rings true on the pronunciation of my name. I’m very understanding of how a Welsh name may not be the easiest for people to read, remember let alone pronounce. So here it is, Gerwyn, rhymes with Heroin.

Employee Spotlight – Anurit Patwardhan

PositionSenior Community & Stakeholder
Engagement Advisor
Project/LocationWest Melbourne
FamilyAttached, no pets, but wants a cat and 2 dogs,
no kids, but loves other people’s kids.
Favourite SportBadminton and Cricket
HobbiesDancing and Swimming
Messy or OrganisedOrganised only from Mondays to Fridays
Description of Anurit
at age 10
She was too busy bossing around kids her age. Was
playing at least 5 different sports and secretly
being romantic; Yes, even at the age of 10!
Least favourite foodAnything that has eggplant in it… too mushy!
If Anurit’s house
was burning down,
he would grab?
What movie has
Anurit seen the
most times?
Home Alone, Lord of the Rings Part 3
and Crazy Rich Asians
Something about
She’s a sports enthusiast and extremely competitive. She even takes a game of monopoly very seriously.