Rehabilitation of 2.7km of sewer pipeline, originally constructed in 1916. The Gardiners Creek Main (GCM) alignment runs adjacent to Gardiners Creek from Warrigal Road, Ashwood to the Monash Freeway, Glen Iris. The GCM sewer transfers flows from Eastern Melbourne suburbs and conveys them to the South Yarra Main (SYM).

Scope of Work

  • Clean and CCTV of existing sewers to verify existing condition and dimensions.
  • Removal of ladders, step irons, internal droppers landings and penstocks, where required for the lining process.
  • Modifying manhole bench and base to fit equipment suitable to rehabilitation process.
  • 0.7km, 5 lines (maintenance hole to maintenance hole) of 1050 x 750 single skin brick ovoid sewer by CIPP UV method.
  • 2km, 17 lines of 600-750 circular concrete sewer by mix of CIPP UV method and spiral line method.
  • Flow management of live sewer to ensure continued operation and no loss of service.

Innovation & Complexity

Looking for innovative ways to remove reinforced concrete and steel structures such as landings and penstocks from manholes:

  • safety of workers
  • minimizing time spent in confined space
  • working with high pressure water for cutting
  • avoiding working under loads
  • safety of existing structure
  • maintaining operation of live sewer system

In situ rehabilitation, avoiding excavation of maintenance hole and sewer, which are up to 9m deep and in built up urban environments.

CIPP UV method requires zero flow which means complex flow control via above ground bypass systems.

Project Outcomes

Safety Focus Project - Safety Icon


Aiming to minimize personnel time spent in confined spaces.

Encouraging continuous safety improvement to create an inherent safety culture.

Clear traffic management around work sites, ensuring safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Safety Focus Project - Quality Icon


Design to ensure minimum 50 year life of existing asset

Minimise excavation by in situ relining technologies

Reinstatement in accordance with local council standards.

Safety Focus Project - Environmental Icon


Protect native vegetation and trees from construction impacts.

Reduce, reuse or recycle our waste materials to avoid landfill.

Complex flow management to avoid sewer spills and contamination of the creek.


Create successful working relationships with City of Boroondara, City of Stonington and City of Monash and also VicRoads, Yarra Trams and PTV bus services.

Engage local community groups Friends of Gardiners Creek, Back2Nettleton and Kooyongkoot Alliance for vegetation protection and replanting.

Key Staff Involved

Matt Lyon
Project Manager

Nafis Khan
Project Engineer

Louie Naldrett
Senior Project Engineer

Gastavo Flores
Project Engineer

Lupe Tafolo

Mariah Vasiliadis
Project Engineer

Dave Plunkett

Jenny Hiller
Community Engagement