The key driver for this project is the renewal of the deteriorating assets in the Hawthorn Main Sewer.

The project objectives are to rehabilitate the main sewer to reduce the risk of asset failure and extend the life of the assets.

Scope of Work

The main requirements were:

  • Install internal liner to brick sewer conduits.
  • Rehabilitate all existing manholes
  • Decommissioning of one manhole
  • Flow management
  • Traffic management
  • Temporary and staging works
  • Testing and commissioning works
  • Backfilling of all ventilators
  • Decomimissioning of Canterbury branch diversion flows

The minimum required service life is:

  • 50 years for rehabilitated assets; and
  • 100 years for pipes and structures.

Innovation & Complexity

Technology developed at the Williamstown project with will be used, with improvements in materials, technology and methodology.

A majority of the Hawthorn sewer will be GRP lined, however, due to road occupation constraints along Power street, UV Cured CIPP will be used in that section of the sewer.

Key Staff Involved

Matt Lyon
Project Manager

Allan Chick

Louie Naldrett
Project Engineer

Oscar Szanto &
David Plunkett

James Searson
Project Engineer

Jenny Hiller
Community Engagement

Daniel Simpson
Project Engineer