This project is a collaboration between SFPJV and Melbourne Water, which aims to replace the aging high voltage switchgear at the Winneke Main Substation Switchboard Complex, as well as building modifications to meet current MW/ BCA requirements.

The Winneke Treatment Plant (WTP) is a vital component in the security of Greater Melbourne’s water supply constituting approximately 40% of supply. The plant is designed to treat up to 560 ML/day (620 ML/day peak) of water from Sugarloaf Reservoir and to deliver this water into Melbourne Water’s supply system. In 2017/18 it had an operational target to supply 95 to 110 GL.

Scope of Work

  • Design, supply, install and commission of the following new equipment to replace existing equipment as per the project’s Functional Requirements:
    • o 11kV Switchboard
    • o 22kV Emergency Supply Switchboard
    • o New LV Switchboard and SCADA Comms cubicle.
    • o New 66kV Metering Arrangement
    • o New station service transformer
    • o New 24VDC and 110VDC Battery system and chargers
  • Detailed Design and As Constructed documentation.
  • Temporary works designs and plans as required.
  • Carry out all civil/structural work required for the removal/installation of equipment, and modification of existing HV Switchroom to separate 22kV, Battery Room, LV Room and HV room A and B.
  • Ensure all existing cables being retained are technically suitable for new equipment installation.
  • Provide assistance to MWC SCADA/PLC Service Provider for programming of PLC, RTU and OIU.
  • Supply and install new four fibre optic cables, approximately 3.5km between Winneke Main Substation and Winneke Treatment Plant. Cables to be installed in two separate conduits.
  • Modification of existing building fire protection and gas suppression system, and BACID system.
  • Dispose of all removed equipment off site including redundant cabling that shall be completely removed back to the source.

Innovation & Complexity

  • Ensuring all works are delivered safely;
  • Minimising impact to all stakeholders, including MW Operations and the general public;
  • Staging of the works to reduce outages, project cost, duration and risk;
  • Maintaining close communication and coordination with MW Operations.
  • Follow the Melbourne Water and Safety Focused Performance Agreed Framework Safety Behaviours.

Project Outcomes

Safety Focus Project - Safety Icon


A dedicated HSEQ advisor has been appointed and a Safety Management Plan has been implemented inline with the Melbourne Water Agreed Framework Behaviours to address and control the risks. All DHHS recommendations for Covid-19 were me or acceded.

Safety Focus Project - Quality Icon


SFP has focussed on delivering an integrated, collaborative team environment to encourage open, honest, and efficient sharing of information, and ensuring Project deliverables are manufactured to engineering drawings and specifications while monitored by qualified personnel conducting quality inspections and audits to ensure all products meet the specifications.

Safety Focus Project - Environmental Icon


SFP has committed to completing internal environmental audits as well as ensuring workers are provided with training to enable work practices that are safe and minimise risk to the environment, whilst promoting a positive reporting culture, ensureing all environmental observations, hazards and near misses and incidents are entered into INX.

Key Staff Involved

Isuru Dissanayake
Project Manager

Adem Catic
Construction Manager

Sam Wanniarachchi
Project Engineer

Simon Crowther
Civil Supervisor

Timothy Bland
Graduate Engineer

Andrew Lipkewycz

Junaid Azhar
Graduate Engineer