The Yan Yean Water Treatment Plant was first commissioned in 1994, to treat water harvested from the Yan Yean Reservoir, however has been frequently placed out of service over its lifetime due to customer taste and odour complaints.

The main purpose of this project is to return the treatment plant to service. To achieve this, upgrades are required to the existing treatment processes at the plant, and many of the existing assets also require replacement as they are now at the end-of life and/or do not meet current Melbourne Water standards.

Scope of Work

Due to the large scale of modifications required on the Plant, the scope is split up into several components including:

Civil Modifications
  • Modifications to existing plant inlet pipeline
  • Several modifications to the plants physical structureDelay Tank
  • Filter Inlet Channel
  • Demolition of 2 x Filtration tanks to re-purpose as Backwash Tanks
  • Introduction of a new Filtration Media
  • Installation of additional underground pipework
  • Construction of new Dosing & Treatment ProcessesHypochlorite & FSA storage & Dosing Building
  • UV Disinfectant System Building
Electrical & Control System Upgrades
  • Replacement of main LV Switchboard
  • Installation of:
    • PLC Control Cubicles & OIU Software
    • Fibre optic ethernet ring around site
    • SCADA Control systems
    • Power, control & instrumentation wiring
Testing & Commissioning
  • Complete process commissioning of the whole plant and sub-systems
  • Proof of performance Testing
  • Operator Training & Handover

Mechanical Upgrades
  • Installation of new/upgraded equipment
    • Delay Tank Mixers
    • Backwash, Re-Lift, Treated Water Pumps & More
    • Above ground pipework
    • Chemical Dosing Pumps
    • UV Disinfection equipment
Building Service Works
  • Installation of:
    • Fire Services equipment
    • CCTV System
    • Building Access control & Intruder detection systems

Innovation & Complexity

SFP’s key drivers for the project are:

  • Improve water quality to customers through improved water treatment processes.
  • Providing innovative solutions to utilise the existing infrastruture where practicable to reduce overall project cost while meeting the technical requirements.
  • The challenging nature of working in a brown fields site has required the project to work collaboratively with the various stakeholders to ensure impact to ongoing operating plant is minimised.

Project Outcomes

Safety Focus Project - Safety Icon


Is in the name, SFP is dedicated to “Safety Focused Performance” on all projects under-taken, with a Generative Safety Culture and Upskilling of Delivery Partners and Contractors involved in the project.

Safety Focus Project - Quality Icon


Provide a improved water treatment process ensuring a safe and reliable water source is provided from the Yan Yean Reservoir.  

Safety Focus Project - Environmental Icon


Upon completion of the project the Yan Yean Reservoir will be in full operation once again and will be able to provide fresh treated water to Melbourne community.


Not introducing any operational noises effecting near by residents and to provide quality drinking water to the local area.

Key Staff Involved

Andrew McCallum
Project Manager

Ulrich Magura
Project Engineer

Ravi Prakash
Project Engineer

Andrew Farch
Technical Specialist

Ezekiel Olatunbosun
Project Engineer

Anthony Cook

Kiran Varma
Site Engineer

Bronwyn Pearce
Community Engagement